Business Trip Bonus Days

small bridge over water with skyscrapers behind in SingaporeIf you’re trying to see the world while working full time (like I am), it’s important to leverage every possible opportunity for satisfying your wanderlust. Not everyone travels for business, but if you do, I highly recommend working in some Business Trip Bonus Days whenever you can.

As long as your company policy allows it, you can foot your own bill for any extra food and hotel nights, and simply extend your return date (or land a day or two earlier). Even if that’s not possible, sometimes you can  squeeze in some sightseeing in the evenings. If your trip isn’t adjacent to a weekend, it may be worth taking one or more vacation days, depending on how far you’ve traveled and how interested you are in the destination.

Take a look at these posts for some examples of compact itineraries that make great use of business trip bonus days:

Don’t be afraid to hit up your local clients, suppliers or colleagues for ideas on how to spend your time. Their insider tips can help you experience aspects of a destination that you might not find on your own. And if you’re lucky, they might even offer to show you around.

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