10 Travel Accounts to Follow on Twitter

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Twitter can be an excellent resource for travel planning. Some social networks can be useful for finding out how your friends are feeling about last night’s game, the latest amusing things your friends’ kids are saying, or which hilarious cat videos they’ve recently discovered. All of which can warm your heart (especially the cat videos). But when you’re looking for relevant content about your own interests, they won’t help much.

If you’ve got the travel bug, consider following some of these top travel Tweeters to help inspire, inform and plan your future getaways. If you’re not quite ready to plan that trip yet, you can always “favourite” any tweets you want to save for future reference.

Note: I prefer keeping my feed streamlined – quantity over quality. These accounts tend to exercise restraint, unlike some who litter your feed with a tweet per hour or worse, often as a cheap tactic to drive traffic to a website or blog.

Mostly for inspiration:

  • @TravelEditor (Indpendent Traveler) – a mix of interesting travel news and destination features. They love publishing lists like “10 Unforgettable Experiences to Try in Portugal” or “9 Places You Haven’t Visited – But Should.”
  • @RunawayJuno – a keen storyteller wth a wicked sense of humour and an eye for capturing compelling images of her travels
  • @NYTimesTravel – highlights from the esteemed New York Times travel section
  • @Adventure.com – They make money selling carefully selected adventure tours from various outfitters, but they also provide daily travel inspiration through stories, photos and videos. Their “recommended gear” features review everything from jackets to electronics that will serve you well on the road.

Mainly for tips and deals:

  • @EuroCheapo – great budget travel tips and seat sale alerts for European destinations
  • @JohnyJet – similar to @EuroCheapo, but offers money-saving advice for global destinations

For a bit of everything:

  • @LandLopers – Matt Long travels primarily on vacation breaks (like most of us), and his budget is mid-range – somewhere in between backpacking and 5-star luxury. Content ranges from destination pieces with great photos to practical tips on accommodation, transportation, and the best travel apps.
  • @SmarterTravel – a mixed bag of recommended experiences, planning tips and travel news
  • @RickSteves – Rick is your guy for all things Europe. He guides you through experiencing the continent in a way that maximizes your time and enjoyment without breaking the bank.
  • @BBC_Travel – a mix of travel news and destination stories from around the globe – both top tourist destinations and  undiscovered locations – brought to life through photos, videos, articles, and even original animated short stories.

Happy following!

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