11 Handy Travel Sites to Bookmark

train in PeruAside from booking sites for flights and accommodations, these are the other indispensable websites I consult when planning a trip. You should too!

Getting around

  • Rome to Rio – Find the best way between Point A & B, how long it will take and how much it will cost.
  • The Man in Seat 61 – Get the scoop on train and ferry travel wherever you’re going.
  • World Taxi Meter – Estimate cab fares for major cities.

What to pack

  • Weatherbase – There are lots of weather sites, but I like the option to narrow down by city and the range of stats included.
  • Journeywoman – Packed with travel advice for women, including cultural and safety considerations. I often consult the section called What Should I Wear Where when planning to visit a new country.
  • Power Plugs and Sockets of the World – find out which adapters to bring to keep your gear charged.

Money & budgeting

  • Oanda – Currency conversion and currency cheat sheet for travelers
  • Budget Your Trip – Select your destination and travel style (budget, mid range or luxury), and this calculator provides estimates of daily travel costs in any currency you desire.
  • CNN Tipping Guide – Find out if and how much to tip for 50 different countries.

Speaking & understanding

  • duolingo – app that makes a game out of learning languages
  • omniglot – tools and resources for learning hundreds of different languages.
  • packabook and tripfiction – book recommendations by destination.

Happy travel planning,

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